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Stumpwork Butterflies and Moths [Book 8]

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A specimen box is the perfect way to ‘collect’ Stumpwork Insects - it provides for the fascination of research, the challenge of interpretation and the joy of stitching.

Following Stumpwork Dragonflies and The Stumpwork Goldwork and Surface Embroidery Beetle Collection, Stumpwork Butterflies & Moths is the third in a series of Stumpwork Insect titles. This title contains eighteen specimens - ten moths and eight butterflies - from the Order Lepidoptera. Jane’s aim was to produce a specimen box of ‘jewels’, with complete disregard for size and proportion; to select moth and butterfly specimens for interest and colour - not the most familiar; and to use a wide assortment of materials to interpret these insects. This brief provided Jane with the opportunity to employ a variety of techniques to work the detached wings, from surface embroidery in lustrous silks for the Indian Moon Moth, to hand-dyed silk fabric for the Purple Fuchsia Butterfly, and even to try stitching clear plastic for the Glasswing Butterfly!

Detailed information and instructions have been provided for each of the eighteen specimens. Four projects are also offered - all including a butterfly or moth.


  • Introduction
  • Part 1 Natural History of the Butterfly and Moth
  • Part 2 The Butterfly as Ornament
    • Ancient Source of Inspiration
    • Illuminated Manuscripts and Books of Natural History
    • The Embroidered Butterfly
    • The Butterfly as a Design Source
    • The Butterfly in Jewellery
    • The Butterfly in China and Japan
    • The box of Curiosities
  • Part 3 The Butterfly and Moth Specimen Box
    • The Collector and the Specimen Box
    • The Butterfly Man of Kuranda
    • The Butterfly and Moth Specimen Box Project
  • Part 4 Projects
  • Part 5 Techniques, Equipment and Stitch Glossary
    • Techniques
    • Equipment
    • Stitch Glossary
    • Bibliography
    • Picture Credits
    • Acknowledgements