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The Handmade Book - Longstitch Binding: Class Two

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Making books by hand is great fun and very creative - the options for covers, pages and bindings are numerous. Over two days we will explore some of the possibilities of longstitch binding - one of the simplest and most versatile bindings (longstitch is a form of running and double running stitch). Longstitch binding can be used to construct a variety of books, including notebooks, travel journals, photo albums, scrap books, ideas diaries, stitch or embroidery sample books, and even a needle book. In Class Two we will make a small notebook, to learn basic book making techniques, then commence work on a Fabric-covered Journal with a leather spine, and a book with a Leather Wrap-around Cover. As there may not be time to complete both books in class, information will be provided to finish them at your leisure. While some materials will be supplied, this class gives you the opportunity to use the papers of your choice to create your own unique books.