Mughal Grapevine Tile

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Not included. Instructions can be found in Book 7.
Skill level:
This elegant square panel was inspired by enamelled gold treasures from the Mughal empire.  Combining goldwork and surface embroidery techniques, this tile is worked on an ivory satin background with silks, gold metallic threads, beads and tiny spangles.  The design features a stylised vine, based on the arabesque, leaves in laid and couched work, and beaded grapes, all enclosed by an ornate narrow border worked in gold metallic threads and variegated rayon gimp. Kit Contents This embroidery kit contains all materials required to work this project: Ivory satin, calico, tracing paper. Beads (3 whole packs) and 2 mm gold spangles (2% gold). Threads – Soie d'Alger silks (includes 1 whole skein), assorted gold metallic threads, Stef Francis Rayon Gimp, silk and nylon threads. Equipment Required You will also require the following equipment, which is not included in the kit: 10" embroidery hoop, slate frame or stretcher bars Needles:     Crewel/Embroidery size 10 Sharps or Straw/Milliners size 9 Sharps size 12 Chenille sizes 18 - 22 Sharp Yarn Darners sizes 14 - 18 Tracer Pen (Clover) or fine stylus (for tracing very fine lines). Skill level