Iznik Carnation Tile

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Not included. Instructions can be found in Book 7.
Skill level:
The colours and design of this small square tile were inspired by the 16th century ceramics from Iznik, the centre of pottery production in Ottoman Turkey. Worked in characteristic cobalt blue and turquoise, this panel features the carnations from the Turkish Tulip Tile, and is worked on an ivory satin background with cottons, gold metallic threads, beads and tiny spangles. The tile may be framed or made into the lid of a box. Kit Contents This embroidery kit contains all materials required to work this project: Ivory duchess satin, quilter's muslin, tracing paper, felt and vliesofix. Assorted beads (includes 1 whole pack) & 2 mm spangles (2% gold). Threads – DMC Perle 3 and Stranded Cottons (includes 2 whole skeins), gold metallic threads, Stef Francis Viscose Gimp, silk and nylon threads. Equipment Required You will also require the following equipment, which is not included in the kit: 6" embroidery hoop Needles: Crewel/Embroidery size 10 Sharps or Straw/Milliners size 9 Sharps size 12 Tapestry size 28 Sharp Yarn Darners sizes 14 - 18 Skill level