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Elizabethan Flower Panel

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Not included. Instructions can be found in Book 9
Skill level:

This piece was inspired by an early seventeenth-century English embroideed panel, worked in coloured silks and metal threads, held in the collection of the Embroiderers' Guild in the UK.

Worked on a background of ivory silk duchesse satin, in stumpwork and surface embroidery, this design features flowers popular in Elizabethan times: the Bluebell, with raised upper petals, a Crab Apple, with detached petals and applied buds, the Honeysuckle, with slender, padded and raised petals, Pea Pods, with detached shells and beaded peas, a Primrose and bud, both with raised petals, and a traditional red Rose, all enclosed by coiling stems, whipped with gold thread. Nestled among the foliage can be found a bee, with raised wings and velvety body, a plump caterpillar and a tiny ladybird with detached wings. Gold spangles complete this design.

Kit Contents

This embroidery kit contains all materials required to work this project:

  • Ivory silk duchess satin, quilter's muslin, tracing paper, red cotton fabric, organza and organdie, felt, paper-backed fusible web, beads, gold spangles, and coloured wires.
  • Threads – Soie d'Alger Silks, Madeira Silk, DMC Stranded Cottons, and assorted silk, rayon, nylon and metallic threads.

Equipment Required

You will need the following equipment:

  • A copy of Shakespeare's Flowers in Stumpwork, which contains all the diagrams and instructions
  • 28 or 30 cm (11 or 12 in) embroidery hoop or slate frame
  • 15 cm (6 in) embroidery hoop
  • Two 10 or 13 cm (4 or 5 in) embroidery hoops
  • Needles:
    • Crewel/Embroidery sizes 3 - 10
    • Straw/Milliners sizes 3 - 9
    • Sharps size 11 or 12
    • Tapestry sizes 26 - 28
    • Sharp Yarn Darners sizes 14 - 18
  • Small sharp-pointed embroidery scissors
  • Fine blunt-nosed tweezers to shape wire
  • Small wire cutters or old scissors
  • Small plastic ruler