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Dogwood and Green Lacewing Class

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This embroidered panel was inspired by a striking dogwood shrub, Cornus capitata, encountered in Wanaka, New Zealand.  Worked on ivory satin, in stumpwork and surface embroidery, this design features the bracts ('petals') in various phases of development - from the pale green buds and greenish pink young bracts, to the darker pinks of the more mature blossoms, all worked with detached 'petals' and raised beaded centres (the flower). Several stages of the brilliant strawberry-like fruits are present - from pale orange-pink, through shades of rich red to dark purple.  Nestled among the foliage are a Green Lacewing, Chrysopa carnea, with detached gauzy wings, beaded abdomen and long wire antennae, a Large Copper Butterfly, Lycaena dispar, with raised and surface embroidered wins, and a plump lime green caterpillar.