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California Poppy and Bumble-Bee (or A Hint of Spring)

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Not included. Instructions can be downloaded from the Inspirations website
Skill level:

This small circular design is an ideal introduction to stumpwork embroidery. Worked on a background of ivory satin, this project features a bright yellow Californian Poppy, Eschscholzia californica, with detached petals, a tightly-curled raised flower bud, a padded seed case, and leaves in surface embroidery, and an Early Bumble-Bee, with detached gauzy wings and red-tipped abdomen worked in Turkey knots.

The finished embroidery may be framed or inserted into the base of a small glass paper-weight.

Kit Contents

This embroidery kit contains all materials required to work this project.


Instructions are not included in the kit, but can be found in Inspirations magazine, issue 77, or downloaded from the Inspirations website.


The finished piece can be mounted in a glass paperweight, whcih is available separately.

Skill level

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