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Beetlemania - Goldwork Diving Beetle

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Design size:
7.5mm (3 inch) circle
Skill level:
Not included. Instructions can be found in issue 88 of Inspirations magazine.

A golden diving beetle worked on amethyst velveteen.


Instructions are not included in the kit, but can be found in Inspirations magazine, issue 88, 2015, or downloaded from the Inspirations website.

Kit Contents

This stumpwork embroidery kit contains all materials required to work this project:

  • amethyst velveteen
  • calico
  • tracing paper
  • organza
  • vliesofix
  • felt
  • bronze leather
  • coloured string
  • beads and wires
  • threads – Soie d'Alger silk, assorted polyester, metallic and nylon sewing threads, and all required metallic threads.

Equipment Required

  • 6" embroidery hoop
  • Needles:
    • Crewel/Embroidery size 10
    • Straw/Milliners (or Sharps) sizes 8 and 9
    • Sharps sizes 10 and 12
    • Sharp Yarn Darners 14 – 18 (or Chenille 18 - 24)
  • Small embroidery scissors with fine sharp points
  • Small sharp-pointed scissors for cutting metal threads
  • Mellor or old metal nailfile (to ease threads and leather into place)
  • Fine blunt-nosed tweezers
  • Beeswax

Skill level

Experienced ladybeetle.gifladybeetle.gifladybeetle.gif